Monday, June 22, 2009

Better than T-shirts!!

I sent McKenzee a message while we were in Cancun and she responded back saying that Keegen really missed me and he wanted to come see me in made me sad. I told her to tell him that I would be home in a couple of days and I would bring him a T-shirt. He said NO...he wanted a Spiderman costume! I laughed and told McKenzee...I'm in Mexico...there is no way I'll find a Spiderman costume! But guess what...Spiderman 1 & 2 it is!!! I couldn't believe it when I ran across these at the Mexican Market! The boys were so excited and kept them on for a long long time!! It was so fun to see them so happy about a simple gift!! I got them some Mexican Sombrero's too but...they barely looked at them!

And for myself...A BATHROOM SINK for my new house!! Mike thought I was CRAZY for wanting to take this back home with me! It was almost the highlight (next to the wedding of course...Keesha) of my trip! It was interesting packing it on the plane as our "carry on" to get it home!! But I'm SO excited about it!! You should have seen us going through security and custom's with it! It got some good laughs!! It made it home in one piece!!
We had a wonderful time and lots of great memories! Family...isn't it the greatest!! Glad I have mine!

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