Monday, June 28, 2010

What's the story?

This house is on one of our farms. My hubby has wanted to tear it down a few times and for some reason...I'm attached to it! I tell him...A family used to live in this house...
As I stood and took these pictures I wondered what the stories were in this home. Someday...years from now...somebody will stand in front of my new home and take pictures just like these. Sad to think about but so true. One day...years ago...a family was celebrating the building completion of their new home!

As old and run down as this house is...I can't get over that "modern" dish drainer lying there!

This girl just wanted to make sure that I was minding my own business and leaving her "home" grounds alone! This wasn't on zoom either! A little too close for comfort for me!
I can think of a million ways to "re-purpose" the old wood on this house! We brought a little home with us for one of my projects. My mind was racing and Mike had to tell me that when I complete that project we would come back for more wood! Hmmm....ya think he kind of knows me a little bit?!! If and when I get my first project done, I'll post a picture!

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