Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow...Snow...and more Snow...

Mike thought he could get out of the driveway this morning...I told him I thought the driveway may be blocked! He finished getting ready before opening the garage door...above is what he found! Hmmm, should have checked first and he may have been able to stay in PJ's a little longer! A 2ft. snow drift! Something his 4 wheel drive wouldn't even be able to bust through! So off he went to walk to the barn to get the tractor. Needless to say...he didn't make it to work!

Looking out the back patio! All of our wood for the fireplace is under that snow drift!

Our cats! No they aren't freezing...they have a heated pet box...they would just really love to be inside!

More drifts and crazy cattle that choose to walk right through them! Look behind her and see the clear ground!

Good thing he had the day off. Lots of work to be done on the farm and if he wouldn't have been here...I may have had to use that nasty shovel to break the ice!

Those girls were THIRSTY!!! Can someone please tell them that when they eat the snow it will turn into water??

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