Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily Doses!!

Remember this post?  Well, I AM committed and on the road to completion!  AND...I'm loving it!  Lately I've been reading all about David's life!  He's followed the rules and obeyed so faithfully but all of a sudden he's starting to do things that are very un-pleasing to the Lord!  I'm reminded of my own life how I can be ticking along following the rules and then I crash!  Even way back in Bible times humans failed.  Thankfully we have a forgiving God that picks us up by our bootstraps and encourages us to continue on!  Just because we make mistakes and sin doesn't mean we're worthless!  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to forgive me when I fail!


  1. Love your new Header! Awfully good looking grandbabies you have there:)

  2. Well, I don't know about "preach it" Misti...just seriously committed now! Hopefully someday! :) Kind of fun to get an "amen" though!
    Thanks Dawn...I think they're all pretty adorable too!!