Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pink Lemonade Pie

Oh how I wish I could take full credit for this was amazing!!  Thanks to Pinterest I now have tons of new recipes to try!

My picture isn't the best because we were ready to eat it and it wasn't quite set up. You can find a better picture here!
Molli (my daughter in law) mentioned tonight something about this pie but she called it a Cherry Limeade Pie.  This got me thinking...change the pink lemonade to limeade and tint the coconut green and add a cherry or two on top! OR OR (better idea) even mix in some cherry maraschino juice into the filling!  Oh...I can't wait to try this one!!  Well, after typing all the hype about the Limeade Pie I rolled over to the blog that had the recipe so I could link to it and as I scrolled down to the original recipe she already had "the cousin" of the Pink Lemonade Pie listed!!  The only thing I have on her is the Cherry Juice!
 Oh...the magic of homemade whipped cream on top!  I can never get enough!  This was a super fun pie to make!  And would be fun to take to a church dinner!  Go make yourself one!!

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