Monday, November 14, 2011

The Greatest gift is TIME...

Last year I received one of the greatest gifts ever!! A Recipe Box!  Not just ANY recipe that was personalized and specially made for me!  The reason I titled this post "The Greatest gift is TIME..." is because there are over 125 HAND TYPED FAMILY recipes inside this little gem!  Not only did I get one, so did all the other female grandchildren in the family!  SO many recipes we've all grown up with.  Some I've used for years...some I've forgotten about and can't wait to try again!  Like Great Grandma Coral's Orange-Apricot Jello Salad (I don't really like apricots and I could have swore it was Peaches...not apricots!)  Funny what we remember (or don't remember)!  It was one of my favorites as a little girl and I haven't had it in years!

I'm not even sure if my Grandma knows how special this little box is to me!  BUT...she will now...she reads my blog!  Hi Gram!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending your time making this for me!  I will treasure it forever!

If you follow my blog you will see a LOT of recipes on here, that's because the LOVE of baking is something that runs deep in my family!  As far back as I can remember!  My Great Grandma N. ...My Grandma Tincy...My Mom...then me!  I'm sure it goes further back than that but that's as far back as my life takes me!

Several years ago my Grandparents went to Alaska (like they did every summer) and when they came home we had a fish fry!  HALIBUT!!  It was the best fried fish I have ever had!  Might have been the fact that my Grandparents were the ones to actually catch the fish!  If I remember right...Grandma out did Grandpa and caught the biggest fish!

I decided to stink up my house tonight and fry us some fish (unfortunately not Halibut).  I couldn't wait until we go to Alaska to catch my own Halibut so I made due with the fish I had!  I was so excited to try Grandma's BEER BATTER recipe!  Yes, Beer Batter!  It's OK...the grease is SO hot the alcohol cooks out of it!

Below are copies of the actual recipes inside my box:
While I was at it I decided to make her Tarter Sauce too!  I didn't have the Capers or Parsley.  I'm also too impatient and didn't let it refrigerate overnight.  It was the best ever and I'm sure letting it rest over night would have made it even better!
One of the greatest gifts of all...~TIME~... and the family recipes I'll have forever!

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  1. What a priceless gift! This was a LOT of work especially to make one for all the girls! But so precious.
    Oh, Kim! Karmyn is absolutely beautiful! I can see why you'd want to drive that distance to meet her. My youngest brother and his wife are expected theri 3rd baby and the 14th grandchild this January. I just hate that we won't see this precious baby until he's 6-7 months old! They're in NC.
    Hope you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving!