Sunday, April 29, 2012

~*~Bees Bees GO AWAY...~*~

You just never know what will take place next when you live the farm life!  Snakes...Coons...Skunks...Opossums...Scorpions...Spiders...I've experienced them all so far!  Thank goodness we don't live in Bear country!  I guess it could always be worse!
Yesterday afternoon I was working on my flower bed in my back yard.  I was walking back to my garage to get another bag of mulch and I spotted something odd in one of our new trees.  After a second look I realized it wasn't a grocery bag stuck in the tree and that it was actually a bee hive!!  So I did what every blogger does, I ran and grabbed my camera!

This gave me the heeby jeebies!!  They all seemed to be in place so I just left them alone!  When Mike got home I showed it to him and he said in his manly voice...WIFE, GO INSIDE AND GRAB MY WEAPON...{the wasp spray}!  I told him NO WAY, that was a VERY bad idea!

So I did the next best thing, I posted it on Facebook so all my FB friends could help me out!  Lo and Behold, through a few FB friends, Frank arrives on the scene to save the day!  Did I mention by this time it was already after 10pm on a SATURDAY night?

We were so thankful to see him show up and get rid of our "sticky" situation!  I'm not a huge fan of Honey so the thought of starting a "bee farm" was NOT on my Bucket list!  I will try lots of things BUT a Bee Keeper isn't one of them!

Yep, they're all there!  THANK YOU SO MUCH Frank H.!!

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