Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~Groovy Baby Shower~

My little sister, Kayda, is going to have a sweet baby girl!  She's due October 30th!  I'm crossing all my fingers AND toes that she arrives during my birthday month...which is OCTOBER!  Kayda is hoping for 11-1-11 which is a pretty cool date to have as a birthday!  Someone suggested at the shower that an even better date would be 11-11-11!  Kayda said NO WAY!
We had so much fun giving her a shower on Saturday!  It was a Groovy/Hippie theme!  We had fun with that!  Lot's of tie dyed stuff!!  Have I told you before that I LOVE to be in the kitchen??  Well, I do!  I got to make most of the goodies!  It was almost as much fun doing a photo shoot for them (the goodies) as it was making and eating them!  I'll share a few pics with you...and as soon as my sister (KEESHA) gets me more pictures...I'll share the whole table scape view!
These cupcakes were SO much fun to make!  There is actually 4 colors in there but the yellow and green were so close that I should have separated them more!  I used...1 Strawberry cake mix-1 Lemon cake mix-1 white cake mix tinted purple-1 white cake mix tinted green.  The flavor was amazing!  It was kind of like a "Lemon/Berry" taste!

I got the idea from here!  Candy Wafers melted tinted and peppermint flavoring added!  Dropped out on wax paper in blobs and swirled together with a tooth pick!  I was a little gun shy on the first batch to "get with it" and really swirl!  The second batch I kicked it up a notch!  Be VERY careful to NOT over heat the wafers when melting them in the microwave!

Here's the candy all broken up...after the shower was over and it had been picked through!  I forgot all about taking a picture of it before so there weren't little candy crumbs all over!
Kamron, Me, our Mom (Karlea), Kayda (the pregnant one), my Grandma Tincy (our Mom's Mom), Keesha (the sister that wants to wait another 5 yrs. to have a baby!  HA...she's the planner...we'll see how well that all works out for her! :)

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