Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Newest Adventure...

We've had a LOT going on! Mom has been helping me...or should I say...I've been helping her...stain the concrete at our new shop! She's such a trooper!! After getting started I kept saying...let's just have it tiled...let's just get someone else to do it...etc...She kept telling me to be patient! I'm telling would think I was adopted! Mom, if I am, I think I'm old enough for you to tell me...I can handle it!! haha If it wasn't for her I would have quit! I have to say it was the most intense project I've ever done! But to her...if there's a will there's a way and she keeps on keepin' on!!! I'm SO glad I have you Mom! Let me give you a little run down on it...First you have to use some stuff called Bean-ee-doo to "strip" off all of the old glue and mastic from previous floor coverings. This looked like a GIANT OIL SPILL all over the floor! Again...I was whining! Mom said well...look at it this least we don't have to clean up the ducks! Then we had to squeege this in to piles and put auto absorber on it and then scoop it into trash cans. For those of you that have cats it was kind of like scooping kitty litter!! YUCK Next we had to clean off all the remaining "oil" by spraying water on it and using a squeege then a shop vac to try and get most of it off! Second we had to use a Surface Prep/Acid wash which "prepares" the floor to take the stain. This was a piece of cake compared to step 1!! This morning we went down and put on our first layer of stain...again...a piece of cake! But not being the artist like my Mom...I kept saying...are you SURE this is going to work!?! It looked like liquid baby vitamins sprayed all over the floor! She keeps assuring me that it will look great to be patient! This has to dry for 4 hours and then we will have to sweep the "residue" off and possibly put another light layer of stain on. So, this is where we are right now and the last step will be the Poleyurethene Sealer that we will roll on with giant paint brush rollers. Sounds pretty simple!!?? I called today to the place where we got our stain from and I was going to volunteer to teach their next "beginner" class on floor staining!!! NOT!! So, I'm hoping for a grand outcome!
Keeping all fingers and toes crossed!! I'll keep you updated! Until Later...

This is the floor! Took this with my cell phone so the quality isn't too good!

More "oil" goo!!! The lighter part of this picture is what we had already squeeged off.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wedding Cake topper!

Well...we have a LOT going on this summer! Weddings...Weddings...& more Weddings! We told Mom to put her thinking cap on and this is one of the things she came up with! What a cleaver idea!! Won't this be awesome on top of Brock & Molli's wedding cake! And NO...we didn't leave Brock out because it doesn't stand for Molli!! Haha Hope you see this Kody! Can you believe that summer is right around the corner? I'm so ready for WARMER weather! This back and forth driving me crazy! Well, I'm off to the new Salon to work on the floors! Only a couple more weeks and we "should" be moved in! Hope everyone has a great week!!! Enjoy every ounce of sunshine we have because you never know what next week will bring!!