Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Girls!



Fun Weekend...and packing!

I have to be short because I'm packing! We are trying our best to get out of our house for the couple who bought our house. Travis and Lisa are expecting a baby very very soon and we want to let them get in our home as soon as possible. Packing is NO fun!

Jodi and I went to Houston this past weekend to "A Girls Night Out". Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope, and Kate Gosslin (from Jon & Kate plus 8) were the speakers...we had a great time.

Then we got to spend the weekend with my Aunt Ann in Houston! I was so excited to see her! I thought it had only been 3 years but...she informed me that it was more like 7! That is horrible!!! We had a wonderful time and I plan to go and see her more often now! Love Ya Aunt Ann!!

Well, I better get back to packing...wish me luck!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The TRUTH shall set you free...or send you dumpster diving!

Well, the title says it all! Tonight we attempted to start moving some of our shed & garage things over to our temporary house. We'll just call it the "in between" houses house. Building could take about a year or so and ours sold so we are downsizing to a smaller home temporarily!
My wonderful hubby was moving a very important piece of furniture for me. Now I know it doesn't look like much has very special meaning to me. Not to mention I plan on using it in our "in between" house.

It's an old cast iron bed that belonged to my Great Grandma. She was a very very special lady to me! I still think about her often! I inherited this bed and it was what I slept on growing up! Then McKenzee got to use it while she was growing up. Mike has never even liked that bed and has often asked me if we can just get rid of it. There aren't too many things that I'm sentimentally attached to but this is one of them!
As Mike & Brock were getting ready to take a trailer load over to put it in the garage I saw the bed on there and I gave specific instructions to BE CAREFUL! They both looked at me like I was crazy! A little while later I was over at the "in between" house working on shampooing the carpets. I decided to go out in the garage and see how Mike was coming along. I noticed that the bed was leaning up against the garage wall and I could tell that it wasn't all white anymore. Something was wrong with it!! Pieces were broken off.

So I walked over to it and asked Mike what happened?!!! He said...I don't know Brock loaded it! I said well, it wasn't like that when you left the house! I tried to ask questions and then I was really getting upset so after I slammed the garage door (actually the wind caught the door but it was perfect timing!) Mike just kept on working! I went back in the house and called Brock on my cell and he had no idea what had happened with it. Mike came in the house about an hour later and said I'm sorry honey. That was all I got out of him! He said that maybe the pieces were somewhere between here and there and he would look tomorrow in the daylight. Well, on my way back to our house I did the tour to see if I could recover any iron pieces. NO LUCK!
When Mike got home I cornered him again...this time...he caved! The true story started to unfold! He DID know where the pieces the DUMPSTER right where he had hidden the evidence after he had knocked the bed over and the pieces went flying all over the garage! I said I was leaving to head back back over there and start looking for them. I knew that JB Weld or something could put them all back together! Brock jumped in with me as I was leaving. We hadn't been there 5 min. and Mike showed up too! Guilt got the best of him I guess!

You can't imagine how full this dumpster was even the neighbors food was in there! After the cat jumped out we started to remove things onto the trailer that was still hooked on to Mike's pickup! Mike knew right where to go and start looking...he headed to that part of the dump! Lo and Behold...we stared to find pieces one by one. We're only missing one small piece now! It's on the back side of the bed so it will be hidden!
I guess the moral to this story is...ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH FIRST and never try and hide the evidence especially from a Sherlock Holmes kind of wife!! You may just have to go dumpster diving if you do!