Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily Doses!!

Remember this post?  Well, I AM committed and on the road to completion!  AND...I'm loving it!  Lately I've been reading all about David's life!  He's followed the rules and obeyed so faithfully but all of a sudden he's starting to do things that are very un-pleasing to the Lord!  I'm reminded of my own life how I can be ticking along following the rules and then I crash!  Even way back in Bible times humans failed.  Thankfully we have a forgiving God that picks us up by our bootstraps and encourages us to continue on!  Just because we make mistakes and sin doesn't mean we're worthless!  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to forgive me when I fail!

Monday, April 25, 2011


*Arriving Oct. 30th, 2011*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

*Boiled Eggs*

Well, I can't believe I'm doing a post as simple as this but...each time I boil my eggs the "new way"...I'm amazed all over again!  Besides, what a better time of year to share than now!
Last year I found a blog that showed how to boil the perfect egg!  I laughed!  BUT I read it and I know why she shared it!  The shell peels off PERFECTLY EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

1)  Bring your water to a Boil WITHOUT the eggs in it!
2)  Using a spoon gently lower your eggs in one at a time and continue to boil.
3)  Set your timer for 15 min. and walk away!
4)  While waiting fill up a bowl with ice about half full and add water to the rest.
5)  As soon as your timer goes off spoon each egg into the "ice bath" and let them set a bit.
6)  Crack and peel as normal and your shell will slide right off!!!

The reason this works so well is because your egg will cook all at the same time since your water will already be boiling and by cooling it immediately it stops the cooking process and doesn't allow the shell to cook to the egg!
I's the simple things in life that amaze me sometimes!!  Don't laugh...just go try it!!  Even if you don't need boiled eggs right now I bet you go boil some anyways!!  I did!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fun times...

I have a visitor, my Aunt (and Uncle) from Houston...and she made the mistake of telling me tonight that I needed to "update" my blog more often!  So in honor of's an update with a picture from a couple of years ago when I was down visiting her!  So happy to have them here!!
Forgive her for the shirt...for she knows not better!
Love you Aunt Ann...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little People I like to "mumble" about!

Sweet Aspen...

Loveable Mac...

Sleepy Boys...Keegen, Mac, & Preston!

Not a lot of words to blog about...just some pics to share!
My Little People are growing up way too fast!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

6 word "story"

Today on SheReads they are offering a scholorship for the SheSpeaks Conference hosted by Proverbs31 Ministries.  We are asked to enter a "short story" of ONLY 6 words.  I thought about that for a minute and it almost scared me away.  Yesterday I wrote about His doors that were wide open and all of a sudden the following popped in my head:

Doors open.  Walk through.  Embrace Him!

Sometimes things are right in front of us and...WE MISS IT!  Now if I can only live by that and not be afraid to walk through His doors!