Sunday, April 29, 2012

{Yours~Mine~& THEIRS}

How it all began…

Several times in my life I have said I would love to go on a mission trip!  A few years ago Paul & Pam Hunter, with Next Generation Ministries, came to our church to share their hearts about the people of Uganda and their needs.  Since then there have been several groups from our church that have gone over there to do mission work.

I’ve always wondered…How can I help if I didn’t actually get to go over there?

My Mom and I had never really talked about this but one day she called me and said…”Can I come out to your house?”

After she arrived she proceeded to tell me about her creative idea to help out with an orphanage in Uganda.  She said…I don’t think it’s a fit for me to actually go there BUT I want to help out!  {Be careful what you say Mom…I may see a trip to Uganda in our future!}  She never ceases to amaze me and she is so very very humble with her talented ideas!

We had to do this as a team you see~
She’s the creative crafty one with all the ideas and I’m the blogging fool!  So between her talent and my mouth we knew it was a fit!  TEAMWORK!!

We’ve been in touch with Paul back and forth through emails and we are SO close to launching our {her} idea!  I can’t wait to share it with you!  As soon as we have all the “kinks” worked out we’ll let you in on a special little purchase and how you can help out too!  All proceeds will go to a dedicated orphanage in Uganda!

~sneak peek~

To Be Continued…

Blog Post title:
{Yours=my Mom's idea}
{Mine=well, my mouth/blogging ability}
{THEIRS= proceeds to help Ugandan needs}

~*~Bees Bees GO AWAY...~*~

You just never know what will take place next when you live the farm life!  Snakes...Coons...Skunks...Opossums...Scorpions...Spiders...I've experienced them all so far!  Thank goodness we don't live in Bear country!  I guess it could always be worse!
Yesterday afternoon I was working on my flower bed in my back yard.  I was walking back to my garage to get another bag of mulch and I spotted something odd in one of our new trees.  After a second look I realized it wasn't a grocery bag stuck in the tree and that it was actually a bee hive!!  So I did what every blogger does, I ran and grabbed my camera!

This gave me the heeby jeebies!!  They all seemed to be in place so I just left them alone!  When Mike got home I showed it to him and he said in his manly voice...WIFE, GO INSIDE AND GRAB MY WEAPON...{the wasp spray}!  I told him NO WAY, that was a VERY bad idea!

So I did the next best thing, I posted it on Facebook so all my FB friends could help me out!  Lo and Behold, through a few FB friends, Frank arrives on the scene to save the day!  Did I mention by this time it was already after 10pm on a SATURDAY night?

We were so thankful to see him show up and get rid of our "sticky" situation!  I'm not a huge fan of Honey so the thought of starting a "bee farm" was NOT on my Bucket list!  I will try lots of things BUT a Bee Keeper isn't one of them!

Yep, they're all there!  THANK YOU SO MUCH Frank H.!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kind of quiet but not really!

Life on the farm has been rather quiet!  Somehow it still seem we've been super busy!  I've just not been very productive with "fun projects" and not a lot of baking or blogging has been going on either.
Easter came and went!  Luckily we got to see 2 out of the 4 of our Grands that day!
Keegen was out playing football in my Mom's front yard and had already been wrestling on the ground for the ball with his tie on...the evidence is on his knees!!  We had to beg him to come and take a picture!  It's just not as "cool" as it once was to sit on MiMi's lap!

He did like his Easter basket though...

Their own personalized towel tucked inside...
Do we really ever get too old for Easter baskets?  Not me!

He's too young to realize that cleaning isn't fun!  Every time he comes over he will ask me to do different things, like clean my windows for instance~He begs!!  So I hand him the supplies!  He does a pretty good job for a 6 {almost 7} yr. old!
If you see him tell him how much you "love" to clean that way he will ALWAYS think it's a fun thing because "everyone" else loves to do it!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wasting Time or Enjoying Life?

I am the worst at "wasting time"! BUT, I really really do enjoy most of it! My mind is spinning all the time about what I can do or make next! My husband always tells me that if I didn't waste so much time...I might get something done! Hmm...ya think?  I'm SO easily sidetracked! I'm sure that's why I don't always finish projects when I start them. I eventually come back to them...I REALLY DO!!
The hubs is a GET IT DONE kind of guy! Drives me crazy because if something better comes along he says..."I have to finish this first!" Grrr...  They always say...opposites attract! And that statement couldn't be more right!
When I found this sign, at ~pitter & glink~, I knew it was meant for me!  I just had to make my own!  YES, I wasted valuable hours painting this BUT, I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!

I'm going to hang this where I can see it everyday to remind me AND my husband that if I'm enjoying what I'm doing {wasting time} then I must be happy!  Isn't that what life is all about...Happiness?
So, if you ever drop by my house and I have a sink full of dishes...I probably got sidetracked and found something better to do!  Don't judge me...I might just be in the garage making YOU a gift or I might just be enjoying myself {wasting time}.

(lettering done with my Silhouette Cameo!)