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Christmas 2008

Well, once again I'm a bad person getting out Christmas cards! So, I decided to "post" my Christmas card this year. Then if I get them in the mail...then I get them in the mail! If I don't...then I don't!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas! God Bless you all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Santa Fe Soup

I LOVE new recipes...I'm sure you've heard me say that before! I was at my Mom's house last night and she showed me a new recipe that Kayda had mailed to her. So guess what's on my stove top right now! You guessed it...Santa Fe Soup! Kayda told Mom that it's good to serve with Corn Bread. We just had beans and I had some leftover corn bread because I made a double batch.
Here's the recipe:
(from Kayda's kitchen)
1 lb. hamburger with 1/2 onion
Then add:
1 can Rotel
1 can corn (undrained)
1 can Bush's Chili (Kayda likes medium...I only had mild)
1 can crushed tomatoes
Then add:
8 oz. Velveeta
You can't get much easier than that! It smells wonderful! I'll report on the results later! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decorating time!

Kam came over tonight and helped me really get in gear and get my decorating done! I should have already been done but...that's just how I function!

Thanks Kam! It was fun! I can't believe that your senior yr. is almost over!

No...I'm not posing for the picture!

I was bound and determined to get these stars made to put on my tree for the little ones... I called my Mom and she had the machine to cut them out so I headed over there and got them cut out and came home and got started! They need one more coat of paint and then a sealer put on them to make them shine a little bit! They were fun to make! I like projects that are simple and not very time consuming!

Something new this year. This is above my dining room table.

I'm not sure where I'll put the stockings this year. You can't really tell in this picture but there are lights in this garland and it's really pretty with the lights down low.

I still have some to do but for the most's complete. I can't believe that Christmas is a little over a week away! It crept up on me this year! more thing...

Unless Brock & Molli's ultrasound shows differently this time when they go to the Dr. tomorrow...we are getting our little girl! She's going to have to be a tough one to keep up with Preston & Keegen!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy (belated) Birthday Keesha!

Well, I bombed it! Missed posting Keesha's birthday! Sorry sheshe! There are way too many birthday's in December! I thought that was Jesus' birthday month! Lucky you get to share his "month"! I was looking through my pictures and couldn't find any of Keesha and I together! We need to get on that sister! is one of Brock (my son) and his 2 aunts. Kayda on the left and Keesha on the right! Love you guys!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Well, it's been here and gone again for another year. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving time with our families. We were able to spend Thanksgiving Day with Mike's parents, with my family at my Mom's house Friday night, and then finished up yesterday (Sunday) here in our home with our kids, their spouses, and my parents and 2 sisters. We missed you Kayda & Joe! :(
I would love to hear from some of you what your "traditional" family favorite recipes are during Thanksgiving. Following was our menu on Sunday:
Turkey~Dressing~Mashed potatoes & turkey gravy~Sweet potatoes (Grandma Tincy's recipe)
Shoe Peg Corn Casserole (one of our favorites)
Pecan Pie & my favorite...RED VELVET CAKE! with the "original" red velvet cake frosting (not cream cheese frosting!)
We have the Shoe Peg Corn Casserole recipe in the first recipe book that Mom and I created! I will post a picture of the recipe that's in the book. We printed these books in 1999 and ran out of them almost immediately but are thinking about printing some more...if you would like one let me know. They are $6.00+shipping. There are 40 of some of our favorite family recipes in the book. I use this book almost every time I cook. I guess you could say that I'm a recipe "junkie"! I just love getting new ones and trying them! Some pass...some don't!

Book Cover

Shoe peg corn casserole recipe! YUM
Share one of your family favorite recipes in the comment section! Maybe it will become one of my family favorites and make it in the next recipe book! :)
Have a wonderful week!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are we CRAZY or what?

Well for the first time ever...we braved the black Friday day! My husband, myself, and my daughter McKenzee all loaded up to go shopping! Wal-Mart here we come!

This is what time we left! I just had to get a picture for proof that I really could do it!

It was going to begin at 5:00 am (usually that is the middle of the night for me!). We arrived a little after 4:30 to take our posts! I had to remind my hubby that he really needed to change his attitude before we walked in the doors of Wally World! So he did just as told. I said, "We're making memories!". It was a success! We split up and went separate directions and waited til 5:00am for them to unveil the great deals. Everything in the ad was in a different location so you had to have a map that they handed out to be able to locate what you were looking for. Luckily for us we were able to get everything we came for. We could have probably made money off of some of our items! We had people telling us...your sure lucky you got that! They ran out of almost everything that was advertised. We will definitely do this again! It was a mad house but worth our trip!

Later that evening we went to my Mom's house for chicken & noodles with mashed potatoes, rolls, cheese ball, relish tray, and awesome pumpkin bars! YUM! I meant to take my camera in to get some pictures and totally forgot! I've got to get better at that! Hopefully I remember at Christmastime! Tomorrow we are having our kids over for the works again! I'm going to have to starve myself for the next couple of weeks just to get back on track! :( Way too much food!! But wonderful!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wishing EVERYONE a Blessed day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving time already?

Well...I really just wanted to post "something" so Marshalene's blog didn't say that my last post was 1 month ago!:) I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. My how time flies!
My Mom has been busy filling orders for crosses that people want to give as Christmas gifts. They are all so awesome! She's made several different colors and each one is beautiful in it's own way! She's also been busy making things in her house. A new table top for her dining room table (and I don't mean a simple table cloth either). This is a whole wood piece!! A new headboard for her new bed (again...wood is involved). I'll post some pics when I get them. She stays very busy! I just wish I had her energy to complete the tasks that she does. She's amazing and a real inspiration to me! I got to spend the afternoon/evening today with her and my youngest sister Kamron. We had a fun day! I think she wonders why she says "I'll go with you". I drag her all over the town! I got a lot accomplished and marked off of my list of "to do's". Christmas shopping done! Let's just get through Thanksgiving first!
Today Marybeth Whalen, the author of an ebook that I downloaded, posted an email that I had sent to her. It's called A Recipe for Christmas Joy. You can click on her name and go to her blog and read the email or you can click on the title and order the ebook for yourself! It's an amazing book to get you geared up for the Christmas season. I highly recommend it! It REMINDS us what the real meaning of Christmas is all about...JESUS! We need to make Him the "centerpiece" of this time of year. One of the questions in the ebook is, If Jesus were to walk into your house at Christmastime, would He know that the celebration was all about Him? We all need reminders once in a while don't we? It also has some really cool recipes too! I LOVE NEW RECIPES so this was just a bonus to me!
Also, don't forget to check out my friend Connie's blog to order candles. We spent Saturday morning making more to try and stay ahead of it all! I'm sure as Christmas gets closer...some of the spicy scents will sell out fast! So get your order in and get your house smelling yummy for the season!
I'll try and post sooner! But if I fail...I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take time to really stop and think about what you have to be thankful for!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes...we're still alive!

Well, I was playing around on the computer today and noticed that it had been 5 months since I last posted! In those last 5's been crazy! We've had 3 family weddings, several showers and receptions and Grandkids that turned 2 & 3 yrs. old! We had a fun weekend last weekend at Mika's wedding. We got to see lots of old friends and catch up with some of the ones right here in town! Mika & Tyler are off on their honeymoon in the Bahamas and Preston is staying with us and the Webb's. It's been fun having him around the house. He has grown up so much and it's so fun to hear him sing "tinkle tinkle yittle star"! That's the sound I woke up to this morning...what a joyful noise!!

Monkey see...Monkey do! No we don't want our picture taken!

Oh...OK better hurry before we change our minds!

Now..I'm done bragging for a bit! On to what this blog is really all about! My Mom has been making several new things and as soon as I get to her house and get the "correct" memory card...I'll load some new pics of her new artwork/creativeness!
Until next time (hopefully sooner than 5 months from now!)...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Newest Adventure...

We've had a LOT going on! Mom has been helping me...or should I say...I've been helping her...stain the concrete at our new shop! She's such a trooper!! After getting started I kept saying...let's just have it tiled...let's just get someone else to do it...etc...She kept telling me to be patient! I'm telling would think I was adopted! Mom, if I am, I think I'm old enough for you to tell me...I can handle it!! haha If it wasn't for her I would have quit! I have to say it was the most intense project I've ever done! But to her...if there's a will there's a way and she keeps on keepin' on!!! I'm SO glad I have you Mom! Let me give you a little run down on it...First you have to use some stuff called Bean-ee-doo to "strip" off all of the old glue and mastic from previous floor coverings. This looked like a GIANT OIL SPILL all over the floor! Again...I was whining! Mom said well...look at it this least we don't have to clean up the ducks! Then we had to squeege this in to piles and put auto absorber on it and then scoop it into trash cans. For those of you that have cats it was kind of like scooping kitty litter!! YUCK Next we had to clean off all the remaining "oil" by spraying water on it and using a squeege then a shop vac to try and get most of it off! Second we had to use a Surface Prep/Acid wash which "prepares" the floor to take the stain. This was a piece of cake compared to step 1!! This morning we went down and put on our first layer of stain...again...a piece of cake! But not being the artist like my Mom...I kept saying...are you SURE this is going to work!?! It looked like liquid baby vitamins sprayed all over the floor! She keeps assuring me that it will look great to be patient! This has to dry for 4 hours and then we will have to sweep the "residue" off and possibly put another light layer of stain on. So, this is where we are right now and the last step will be the Poleyurethene Sealer that we will roll on with giant paint brush rollers. Sounds pretty simple!!?? I called today to the place where we got our stain from and I was going to volunteer to teach their next "beginner" class on floor staining!!! NOT!! So, I'm hoping for a grand outcome!
Keeping all fingers and toes crossed!! I'll keep you updated! Until Later...

This is the floor! Took this with my cell phone so the quality isn't too good!

More "oil" goo!!! The lighter part of this picture is what we had already squeeged off.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wedding Cake topper!

Well...we have a LOT going on this summer! Weddings...Weddings...& more Weddings! We told Mom to put her thinking cap on and this is one of the things she came up with! What a cleaver idea!! Won't this be awesome on top of Brock & Molli's wedding cake! And NO...we didn't leave Brock out because it doesn't stand for Molli!! Haha Hope you see this Kody! Can you believe that summer is right around the corner? I'm so ready for WARMER weather! This back and forth driving me crazy! Well, I'm off to the new Salon to work on the floors! Only a couple more weeks and we "should" be moved in! Hope everyone has a great week!!! Enjoy every ounce of sunshine we have because you never know what next week will bring!!