Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decorating time!

Kam came over tonight and helped me really get in gear and get my decorating done! I should have already been done but...that's just how I function!

Thanks Kam! It was fun! I can't believe that your senior yr. is almost over!

No...I'm not posing for the picture!

I was bound and determined to get these stars made to put on my tree for the little ones... I called my Mom and she had the machine to cut them out so I headed over there and got them cut out and came home and got started! They need one more coat of paint and then a sealer put on them to make them shine a little bit! They were fun to make! I like projects that are simple and not very time consuming!

Something new this year. This is above my dining room table.

I'm not sure where I'll put the stockings this year. You can't really tell in this picture but there are lights in this garland and it's really pretty with the lights down low.

I still have some to do but for the most's complete. I can't believe that Christmas is a little over a week away! It crept up on me this year! more thing...

Unless Brock & Molli's ultrasound shows differently this time when they go to the Dr. tomorrow...we are getting our little girl! She's going to have to be a tough one to keep up with Preston & Keegen!

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  1. Love the little doo dadds over the dining room table and the little star ornaments for Keegen and Preston!!! How fun! You and your Mom's creativity amaze me. Love it!!