Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The pile that wouldn't fold!

For days I've sat and looked at this pile of laundry on my couch. It's a mismatched pile...a little from this load and a little from that load! I keep thinking I'll walk in the door and it'll be neatly folded and ready for me to put away but, it doesn't seem to happen.(sigh) My husband pulled a farm shirt out of "the pile" to wear the other day and I told him, "You can't go in public looking like that, with all those wrinkles!"
Our lives are a little like an unfolded laundry pile. Left unattended too long it gets all wrinkly and we sure don't want to expose our wrinkles to the public.
We WILL have wrinkles in our life but God's word helps keep us ironed out. It doesn't happen by itself, we have to continually fold our lives in His word day after day after day! Sometimes we even need a little extra "ironing" to get the deep wrinkles out when left unfolded too long. Get in His word today and get that life of yours on the fold to recovery!!

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalms‬ ‭119:105‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Typical Thursday...or was it?

Last night I started to miss my debit card! I knew I probably just dropped it in the bottom of my purse like I do once in a while. I've been "looking" for it for several days, (more like over a week) but I hadn't really "LOOKED" for it! So from about 9:45pm-2am I was SEARCHING high and low!! I dumped my purse 5 times!  YES, FIVE TIMES! I went out to my vehicle at least 4 times with a flashlight, searched my office paper stacks, went through my planner over and over, and finally convinced myself to head back to town to look at our Salon.  Before I could even back my vehicle out of the garage I had already scared myself to death about going to town in the dark alone! I told God to just help me find it so I could go to bed. I continued to search for a while and decided I'd call the bank in the morning!

Let me go on a rabbit trail for a minute...
I started an online bible study last week that I'm absolutely LOVING! I'm almost embarrassed to tell you the name of the study but here goes...(drum roll)...growing through PRAYER!

So back to my story...
I woke up this morning and got right to my bible study before I even called the bank. I went through today's study, filled in the blanks, and got down on my knees to pray as today's lesson suggested. Right after I was finished praying my phone rang and it was my husband. He wanted to know if I found my debit card and if not had I called the bank to report it lost. The next words out of his mouth were "if you'd have just put it back where it belonged you'd know where it was"! REALLY??!! Things started to get heated!!  I sort of, kind of, blew a fuse! Yes, I know I had just finished my study for the day so I should have been filled up with a bunch of "happy"! So, after we hung up I sent him a text message to apologize for being ugly and let him know that I was really just mad at myself for misplacing it.
Since I was studying about Prayer maybe I should just stop and pray about it and ask God to find it for me in a kind way instead of demanding he help me. So I bowed my head and kindly asked for Him to find it for me then I thanked him for already finding it before it was even found. I knew in my heart I was supposed to look in my purse again that was still scattered out all over my dining room floor. Hadn't I already done that FIVE times?! So instead I went back out to my vehicle and searched again. NOTHING! I came back inside and went through my purse one more time. You've got to be kidding me...there it was tucked in a side pocket right where I had already looked a bazillion times! I sat there on the floor and laughed out loud. I thanked Him once again and might have even called Him a show off! I love it when God cares enough about even the smallest things that he shares His love with us and lets us go a little coo coo for a minute. THANK YOU God!!