Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Marking" Memories...

Yes, My Mom WAS Pinterest before Pinterest was Pinterest!  My sisters and I say this ALL the time! Since Pinterest was released my Mom can show us something and say...see I wasn't crazy someone else thought of this too!
We have the best, most creative Mom around!  So thankful for all her creativity and talent!  She inspires me in SO many ways!!

We’ve had a growth chart in her house for MANY years (since I was little, so does that make it a valuable antique?)!  It’s gone through the kids, grandkids, and now great grands!  The other day my sweet granddaughter said “ long before I get up to the giraffe?”

My Mom made a chart for me when I became a MiMi!  My grandkids love to measure every time they’re at my house!  Sometimes I have to tell them “we just did that yesterday so I’m sure it’s going to be the same size”. But againwe measure and they stretch hoping to reach to the next animal!