Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kind of quiet but not really!

Life on the farm has been rather quiet!  Somehow it still seem we've been super busy!  I've just not been very productive with "fun projects" and not a lot of baking or blogging has been going on either.
Easter came and went!  Luckily we got to see 2 out of the 4 of our Grands that day!
Keegen was out playing football in my Mom's front yard and had already been wrestling on the ground for the ball with his tie on...the evidence is on his knees!!  We had to beg him to come and take a picture!  It's just not as "cool" as it once was to sit on MiMi's lap!

He did like his Easter basket though...

Their own personalized towel tucked inside...
Do we really ever get too old for Easter baskets?  Not me!

He's too young to realize that cleaning isn't fun!  Every time he comes over he will ask me to do different things, like clean my windows for instance~He begs!!  So I hand him the supplies!  He does a pretty good job for a 6 {almost 7} yr. old!
If you see him tell him how much you "love" to clean that way he will ALWAYS think it's a fun thing because "everyone" else loves to do it!!

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  1. Hey, Amy! Just popped by to say hello! Those Easter baskets are adorable. I've not done baskets the last couple of years with my kids being older because their Gammy does up a bag for all the grands each year! And what goodies she finds! I definitely want to start the tradition for my own grandkids. One of these days. Hope you're having a wonderful Spring!