Sunday, April 29, 2012

{Yours~Mine~& THEIRS}

How it all began…

Several times in my life I have said I would love to go on a mission trip!  A few years ago Paul & Pam Hunter, with Next Generation Ministries, came to our church to share their hearts about the people of Uganda and their needs.  Since then there have been several groups from our church that have gone over there to do mission work.

I’ve always wondered…How can I help if I didn’t actually get to go over there?

My Mom and I had never really talked about this but one day she called me and said…”Can I come out to your house?”

After she arrived she proceeded to tell me about her creative idea to help out with an orphanage in Uganda.  She said…I don’t think it’s a fit for me to actually go there BUT I want to help out!  {Be careful what you say Mom…I may see a trip to Uganda in our future!}  She never ceases to amaze me and she is so very very humble with her talented ideas!

We had to do this as a team you see~
She’s the creative crafty one with all the ideas and I’m the blogging fool!  So between her talent and my mouth we knew it was a fit!  TEAMWORK!!

We’ve been in touch with Paul back and forth through emails and we are SO close to launching our {her} idea!  I can’t wait to share it with you!  As soon as we have all the “kinks” worked out we’ll let you in on a special little purchase and how you can help out too!  All proceeds will go to a dedicated orphanage in Uganda!

~sneak peek~

To Be Continued…

Blog Post title:
{Yours=my Mom's idea}
{Mine=well, my mouth/blogging ability}
{THEIRS= proceeds to help Ugandan needs}

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  1. U are an amazing Lady!, and i pray that i get to meet u soon. <3 <3