Monday, November 16, 2009

This and That!!

Road getting rocked to our new home!!! Very exciting! When it rains you weren't able get down this road which slows up building progress! So happy for this!

Not a lot of changes on the outside yet. Roof is complete. Inside plumbing and electrical will finish up today!! Things are moving right along!

This picture just makes me smile!! This is my Grandma Tincy (my Mom's Mom). She is holding her GREAT GREAT Grandson baby Mac. Grandma is the one that suggested naming him Mac! About a month before delivery McKenzee asked her to help her come up with a name b/c she was having a hard time liking anything. Right away Grandma said...I've always liked the name Mac. So there you have it...Mac it is! What a fun story to tell someday that his Great Great Grandma named him! I hope I can have the spunk and energy that my Grandma has when (if) I'm her age! Grandma you are only 50 right? :) Love you lots Grandma!
This picture was taken at a baby shower for Mac & his Mommy on Nov. 8th (his actual due date). He is 3 1/2 wks. old in this picture.

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