Friday, September 24, 2010

Double Trouble Wednesday...

Wednesday's are my "fun" MiMi day! I was blessed to get to have both of the youngest grandkids! It's always Aspen's day so when she had to deal with Mac...she was a little concerned that she wouldn't get my full attention! Once she adjusted, we had a fun day!



WooHoo...Poppy's home! Aspen's favorite place to be on Wednesday's. His lap eating his had already had lunch!

After Mac went home we went outside to play a bit. First time she has ever even shown interest in the cats! Poor kitty's...she mauled them to death...and the silly things let her!!

I think that's a "hug" or she's hiking it back into her arms!

Awww...sweet kitty! KISS!!

"I have a free hand...GIVE me another one!!!"

Walkin' on the rocks barefooted...totin' the cats! Again...Poor Kitty's!