Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Weekend!

First off...there is nothing cuter than a fresh bathed baby!! Oh the sweet sweet smell of Baby Magic!! I'll never tire of this smell! Poor Keegen is 5 and I still put the lotion on him after a shower. The other day he said..."MiMi...I really don't need lotion!" I long as I'm giving you a shower we'll use the lotion! :) Too bad he's too big for me to wrap up, hold in my arms, and sing my silly made up burrito song!
ps...Preston doesn't think he's too big for lotion yet! Nobody tell him either!

Right after his bath!

"Are you want me to smile again?"


Sunday was our 17th anniversary! Mike requested Chicken fried steak! can't serve it without mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Carrots, and homemade rolls!

This was a request too...Coconut Cream Pie!

Saturday was a day spent at the game with 3 of my favorite boys!

Photo's are only of 2...I couldn't get Mike to pose with his Cowboy's "gun"!
The boys had a great time!

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