Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Lovey...

When I saw this Ruffled Blanket I knew I had to try to make one!  The name caught my attention AND I love Ruffles!!!  We called one of our Grandma's "Lovey" so I knew it was a fit for my new little niece Karmyn!  It's just the right size for the car seat, to cover her up with, to use in her stroller...etc.) and will be something soft she can snuggle up with when she's a little older.  I mailed it on Monday and they received it on Wednesday!  Pretty fast delivery!
Kamron (my youngest sister) text me a picture today of her covered up with it!  Made my day!  Isn't she sweet...
 And...a car seat picture!  Have binky, lovey, and friends...ready for my car ride!

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  1. oh so sweet! what a bunch of beautiful little ones:) the lovey came out great! thanks for sharing the finished product with me. i always love seeing them.