Monday, October 15, 2012

A little overwhelmed!

I was beginning to think I was drowning in my clutter!  I had to swim from the door to get to my office chair!  It had finally sucked me in and I had to do something about it!  I REALLY DO like organization {remember I'm the oldest of 6}! Sometimes I just get so busy that I get lost in it all and then it gets way too overwhelming to tackle! When I finally got it all cleaned up I sat down in my new clean space, smiled, looked around once again then opened Pinterest and found a pin from Funky Junk, then it all made sense to me!  I really kind of wish I would have taken a "before" picture.  Yeah I would have posted it on here! HA!!  Seriously, go read her post and you'll want to go clean your "area" too! {Luckily I had cleaned mine before I ever saw her post}. Funny how you feel SO refreshed after cleaning and organizing!  DUH, why don't I keep it that way?
The holidays are creeping up on us very fast...don't you want a fresh clean organized space for that hectic time of year!  NOW, go clean so you can get creative and report back!

If you've been to my house and wondered what was behind the closed door, now you know!

Note:  {please don't hate me for the following truth}
5 Saturdays before Thanksgiving
10 Saturdays before Christmas!
If that isn't a reality check...I don't know what is!

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