Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brings back Memories...

Brock & McKenzee

Brock & Keegs
Brock was mowing yesterday and came by to ask me if I still had those "do-rags" because he was sweating so much that he needed one for his eyes! I said well, I think so so I started digging! Remember we've moved several times since then. Got me to thinking when the kids (Brock & McKenzee) were little they would tell me to put them on them all the time. Brock is all grown up now with a baby of his own. And Keegen belongs to McKenzee. It was fun to think back to when they were little!! So of course...I had to take a picture!! Keegen thought it was so fun and when he went to bed he asked me if he could wear it to church tomorrow!! :) I told him that probably wouldn't be a good idea so he said OK...then can I take my superman toy with me! I told him that would work!

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