Monday, March 22, 2010

The REAL Red Velvet Cake!

Remember the day when we actually wrote out a recipe card? Now it's just search... find... print! Oh and can you make me a copy of your recipe please? Computers make life SO much easier...or do they?

When I was 9 yrs. old and in the 4th grade... I hand wrote out the above recipe card from my teacher Mrs. Rundle. She made a Red Velvet cake and I thought it was absolutely the best thing I had ever eaten! Still to this day it's my favorite cake!!!! HAS to have the REAL Red Velvet Cake frosting on it! None of that cream cheese frosting stuff!!! Although...that has a place of it's own but NOT on a Red Velvet Cake!!

I'm so glad I still have that recipe card. Do you think today's 9 yr. olds will have keepsakes like a handwritten recipe card years down the road? I still love the fact that I have some of my Grandma & Great Grandma's recipes in their handwriting! Such treasures!!

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