Friday, March 5, 2010

What am I getting myself in to??

Well, I got to experience REAL farm life today! Mike and I went out to feed cattle during lunch. He called them all in and as they were running for their "lunch" of them fell over in a wash out right beside the cattle trail. Mike had 5 min. before he had to be back for the next appointment so I told him to head back to town and I would figure out a way to get the 'ol gal unstuck! Sometimes I speak before I think!! So I dropped Mike off and headed to pick up Brock (thank goodness he was available!). It's a long took about 2 hrs. to get her unstuck and back up on her feet! But...WE DID IT!! After uprooting 2 cedar trees to get her out!
All I had was my cell phone so I started to take pictures! I just love to "document" life!! Someday everyone (my family) will thank me! It's fun to look back on!
Thank you Brock-lee for all your help!! Love ya!!
sorry about the jeans! :)



Our little stray...they had been calling Ruby.

I accidentally mentioned one day, to my hubby, that when we got to the farm I would like to have a Basset Hound for outside! Low and behold...Mike had a customer that came in and said that they had a stray "Basset" that had been hanging out at her house for over 2 weeks. Wait a minute...we're not ready to move to the farm...I'm not ready for dog duty! I went to take a look anyway. Ummm...never seen a Basset like that before! She kind of looks like a Pointer that has squatty legs! She's a really sweet dog though so I think we'll keep her! We took her to the vet and he thinks she's about 1 yr. old. And...we got a BONUS...5 for the price of 1...FREE!!! She's gonna have pups, he felt 4 little ones in there!! She is extremely hard to keep at home and I've worked for 2 days to figure out a way! No wonder she was a stray! So check back on the saga of the "Basset" Ruby!! Oh yeah...if you would like to have a puppy...I'm already taking orders and it's filling up fast. So don't wait too late to place a hold on YOUR next lovable, squeezable, hugable, puppy!! And the best part is it will be FREE!!!!!

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