Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life on the Farm for little sis...

Last night my youngest sister, Kamron, was leaving my house and she went out the side was pretty late and dark.  A few minutes after she left I received the following text with a fuzzy picture:
"I know you can't really see it but when I opened that side door this cat was right in front of me with a freakin' mouse in it's mouth. Ugh!!!  Country life=disgusting!"
To us...that's a good thing!  Not all cats know their calling in life!  Mr. Grey knows exactly what to do!  He's always dragging up a mouse, a lizard, or even a gopher!  He's a keeper!  I even had someone ask me the other day if I would "rent" him out to get their gophers!
After I got her text I couldn't quit laughing at the thought of her opening the door and seeing that!!  She's such a girly girl!  I can't believe she stopped long enough to take a picture of it!  I told her that it was a good thing it wasn't a snake in his mouth!!  And here is what she text back:
"Omg, if there was a snake you would have gotten a call and I would be sleeping between you and Mike tonight!"
I also informed her that I grabbed the big camera and went outside so she could have a better picture for keepsakes!  Kam this blog post is in honor of YOU!!  Love Ya Kam!
PS...Everyone needs a little cat/mouse excitement in their life once in a while!

Guarding his prize catch from the big lazy black cat in the background!

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