Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why I love Tues. & Fri. mornings...

This is one of the sweetest ladies I know!  Her name is Wilma and she's been with me since I graduated beauty school in 2002!  She comes to see me every Tuesday and Friday morning at 10:30!  She brightens my day and I adore her!  She's 93 years young and you would NEVER know it!  Her mind is sharp as a tack and you most definitely don't want to get her started on politics!  She will run circles around you with it!  And the best part is...she can't wait for football season to get here so she can watch her OU Sooners play!  She attended her last football game about 2 years ago but continues to watch them on TV every time they are on!  She is an absolute doll and everyone needs a Wilma in their life!!  I'm so lucky and blessed to call her my Wilma!!

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