Monday, October 3, 2011

*Beef & Noodles*

Well, I promised my Daughter I would do a blog post after I made this and tried it and tonight was the night!  It was DELICIOUS McKenz!  And VERY VERY easy to make!  I'm sure some of you have a Beef & Noodle recipe but I totally made this one up!  Mike remembered his Mom making it when he was little but he had NO idea how she made it.  That's all he had to say...I LOVE a challenge!  I just based my thinking off of my Chicken and Noodle recipe and made the adjustments for beef!

Beef & Noodles
1 Roast (seasoned to taste and cooked like you like it)

In 3 T. butter saute 2 celery sticks & ½ yellow onion (diced) until crisp tender.
(32 oz.) box beef broth
2 c. water (more if needed)
salt & pepper
Bring to a boil then add in noodles (Kluski type)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
roast (cut into bite size pieces)

Boil until noodles are done!  Can be served over mashed potatoes just like you would chicken & noodles.  But is awesome all by itself!!
I will DEFINITELY be making this one again!  It was a hit!

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