Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{SPRING} & a little memory sharing!!

Spring has always been my favorite time of the year MINUS the Storms!  I love to see everything greening up and all the trees in full bloom!  It's just so refreshing to see the dead life come alive again for another season!  This year I'm going to try my hand at a garden again!  It's been over 20 yrs. since I planted one so we'll see if I "still have it"!  I built my forms last year but never got the veggies planted!  So my job today is to head to the barn and round up my forms. My hubby hates "clutter" in the yard so he so kindly stored them in the barn for me last year...making me work harder this year by having to move them back to their designated place on the farm!  Oh's exercise...right?  I woke up this morning to a beautiful view outside and just had to snap a few pictures.
Bread dough in the bread machine (for cinnamon rolls)...Bottle calves fed...finishing my table & chairs!!!!!!   Loving my Wed. off so far! 

Now a little memory...
Do you ever have those things you hang on to "just because"?  I have tons of them!  If you ask my husband he would tell you that I have WAY TOO MANY!
This is was one of them~

Yes, I's broken!  It broke on Monday and I'm having a hard time throwing it out so I thought, why not just take a picture!?!  I've had this little Strawberry Shortcake glass since my kiddos were little!  It was a very used glass!  Every time I wanted a little drink of water out of the sink, it was my "go to" glass!  I always thought back when my kids were little and still at home!  Oh, the memories!  Goodbye Strawberry'll be missed!!
ps~anyone have a strawberry shortcake glass you want to pass my way??

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