Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oversize Load!

Tonight was Boot Camp night!  Boot Camp is an intense exercise class that takes place 3 days a week.  This week started my 2nd month of attendance.  For those of you that don't really know me...this is a BIG deal for me!  One, because I'm hangin' in there and not quiting and Two, I'm exercising!  I'm also changing my eating habits!  It's truly a lifestyle change!
I'm not really a chocolate eater so that hasn't been a problem for me like most women!, when I came home for lunch, there was a bag of caramel filled kisses left over from Christmas in my pantry!  For some crazy reason I had a hankering for one (OK...2)!  On my way back to work as I turned off of our rock road...this is what I was following:

I've worked so hard over the last month!  Boy did I ever want to spit out the chocolates that had already settled in my stomach!  I sure felt guilty!
I started thinking about every day living and how we carry around "oversize loads" that are burdens on us.  As a human I can do a few more sit ups and a few more push ups to "work off" that chocolate.  But more importantly as a Daughter of Christ, I can simply ask Him to remove my oversize load/burden.  He will carry it for us!  All we have to do is ASK!
Sometimes I think my load is too small for Him to carry but it's definitely too oversized for me!  I shouldn't wait until I feel worthy to ask for His help!  Tonight our trainer brought to our attention that our worth is completely separate from our weight that the two are not to be compared.  Our weight will always fluctuate but our worth never changes!  Because of Jesus Christ...we are worth so much more!
Romans 8:18 says:
...our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
So, get out there and give Him all the glory for who you are!  YOUR WORTH IT!

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