Saturday, May 14, 2011

VERY expensive "hotel"

One more night is what the Dr. ordered!  I really think he doesn't want to take a chance at Jack going home and going back to work right away!  We told Jack that we would call him after church tomorrow and see if they were going to release him. He said, "well, if you would have just left my pickup here...I could have drove myself home"!  He wasn't kidding either!!  I'm sure that's exactly why he got to stay another night it one of the most expensive hotels around!!  Silly man!!  He sure did enjoy his Quarter Pounder and french fries from Macky D's tonight though! Mmmm....  I'm positive he hasn't lost his appetite.  After he ate the burger and fries, he called down to the cafeteria and ordered himself an order of onion rings along with a strawberry shake!
Hopefully tomorrow will be "the day"!

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