Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ahh Ha...I knew that title would get your attention!! Now that I have your FULL undivided attention...NO it's not us adopting!!! God hasn't tugged at my heart for it but...he has tugged at my heart to help a friend that is! I'll just keep letting them get up at night...change the the get the picture!! Praise God that there are people out there like the J family!!! They don't just think about something...they take action over and over and over again!!! God Bless them!!!! I wasn't a bit surprised AT ALL when I got the text from my friend asking me to pray for them that something BIG was happening!! I just knew it!! I had to call her right away. She had been heavy on my mind for a while. Now I know that some of you are saying...What in the world?? Why again?? might even be rolling your eyes a little bit...Well, STOP it! It's not, I repeat NOT our place to question what God has lead them to do! It humbles me (A LOT) and I have to sit back and ask myself what am I doing to better this earth that God's put me on? It doesn't even have to be adoption, it can be ANYTHING! Am I taking action...or am I sitting around questioning why someone else is doing what they're doing?!!? Am I praying and asking "what next Lord?" "what do You want me to do for You today?" Ummm...I really don't want to answer those questions because if I did, I may just have to lie a little bit!
I sure didn't mean to turn this post into a just happened that way! Or maybe I did and that's my way of doing what I feel led to do?!? Now...get on over to their
blog and let's help 'em out!! And you might even win one of the prizes they're giving away!! They're GOOD ones too!

(food for thought): We help send Missionaries on mission trips don't we??

Click on the cute button above to take you to their blog!

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