Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peach Pie OBSESSION...

OK...I'm ready for apple season! I think!!?? No...I take that back! Have I ever said that I LOVE LOVE LOVE peaches? Well, I DO!! A LOT!! I'm hoping my hubby remembers to bring me some more home from my father in laws peach trees! Nothing better than "home grown"!

I have to tell you my recipe obsession...

There's this restaurant in Gunnison, CO called Farrell's. They have the most amazing peach pie I've ever eaten in my life! I've tried for years to "duplicate" that recipe! I even called them once and asked if I could buy the recipe from them. Now...I'm not talking lots of money...but I was willing to pay $5.00 for it!! OK...maybe $10! Of course they told me no that it was a family recipe. Bummer! He did say one clue was that it had lots of butter! Hmmm....

So...the process began. I can't tell you how many different times I've made a peach pie and all the pages of recipes I have with scribbles on them trying my hardest to make the best one ever! I'm so close that I may not even know the difference! Even if it isn't exactly the's GOOD...REALLY GOOD! I really think that Almond Paste is the secret ingredient! Mr. Farrell if your reading I close?

Here's the most recent recipe:

Please tell me some of your recipes look like mine! I have a whole drawer full like this! I date them and then go back and make remarks on them so I'll know which one I liked the best. I haven't tasted today's pie because it's still too hot! It looks perfect but...we'll see! I'll have to report back to you on it! The 8-2-10 recipe was VERY almondy! I loved it but thought it was a teeny tiny bit strong so I decided that next time I would cut the Almond Paste in half (as I noted in my remarks). I didn't use Almond Paste this time simply because I didn't have it on hand! It's not in our local grocery store so it's a "plan ahead" thing. Something I'm not real good at! I'm really hoping that the extract works the same! Doubtful! Definitely needed to cut back on the temp. of the oven too! 350 seems to be the magical number!

I sent my sister, Kamron, a text message that I had tried it once again. We seem to share the love of Farrell's peach pie! I also text her that a good cook follows every recipe exactly...a GREAT cook experiments and has lots of failures until it's perfect! I'm striving for the GREAT cook title! HA
Perfection...It's really just a first born thing! Right Mom!!
Hey do you like the "peach" that I added to the written recipe? ;o)
I've sat at this computer long enough so I think it's time to go cut me a slice. Mmmmm...sure wish I could share!

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