Monday, August 30, 2010

No sleep tonight!!!

THAT MY FRIENDS....IS A SNAKE ON MY BEDROOM CARPET! Ya think I'm gonna sleep tonight? VERY doubtful!!! I came in my office for my "nightly email check" and Mike hollered...grab your camera. I'm thinking to myself, it's too dark outside our bedroom window for a picture so what in the world does he want one of?!? I was too afraid to ask! I rounded up my camera and headed for our bedroom. The minute he said well, you can blog about our first SNAKE in the house...I just about screamed and ran for the hills! Wait, I am in the hills...
He said he had stepped on in after coming out of the bathroom and he wondered what had gotten spilled on the floor because it felt like water. Just so happens, it was on MY side of the bed! I said...(VERY BOLDLY AND LOUDLY) if that EVER happens to me I will probably have a heart attack so we better figure out where it came in so his brothers and sisters don't decide to visit too!!! I may just decide to sleep upstairs tonight... surely they wouldn't follow me up there??


  1. No Way! That totally would freak me out!

  2. Oh my would take me awhile to want to go back in my bedroom. I don't think I could even take a picture of it! You are brave!