Monday, August 16, 2010

golden transformation in progress...

Is that Gold or what? YUCK!!

Scratched up top...


Looking better...

New hardware...not really...just a fresh coat of paint!

This desk came from my Great Grandma...I've never been able to let go of it! I'm so excited to finish it! I tried really hard to match my furniture in my bedroom and so far so good!

You'll have to check back for the finished product...just couldn't wait to share! JaNae...are you proud of me for simply "starting"!!!???!!!


  1. The before pics look just like my bedroom furniture. I would love to know how you are re-finishing as kaiser won't let me get new! Will you share your steps and secrets?

  2. Sure Dawn...I would be happy to show you how! I'm so excited...I'll put the final coat of finish on it tonight! I absolutely love how it's turning out! You'll have to come out and see it when it's all done!