Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Golden No-More!!

Remember this! Ahhh...just what I hoped for and more!

Close up detail...

Furniture in our bedroom that I was trying to match.

Project Complete!! My Mom will be so proud of me!! I've decided that by posting it on my makes me more accountable to complete it! What to do next????

UPDATE (8-20-10): This is for you Dawn! Because I was asked...I wanted to share my steps used in this project. 1) I used a hand sander and sanded the whole desk down to the bare wood. 2) I spray painted 2 coats (yes...spray painted it)...taping off the top of the desk so I wouldn't get paint on it, letting the coats dry in between each other. 3) Then I lightly sanded them down after they were dry with a 320 grade sand paper. While sanding I wanted the edges and parts of the bare wood to show through so I used a little extra "elbow grease" on those areas! 4) After wiping all the dust off with a soft cloth, I used stain and a small 1 1/2 in. brush to go over the exposed wood (corners...edges...etc.) which included the top of the desk that I had covered with paper. Then wipe off the "extra" stain with a dry soft rag. 5) Let the stain dry really good even over night if needed. If you don't then you will be working with a gooey mess. 6) Let the finish coats begin...I started with a spray can of clear Satin enamel. Spray-let dry-then lightly sand off the roughness. Then repeat about 4 times letting each coat dry in between. My very last coat I used the Polycrylic and a sponge brush and ever so lightly went over it all avoiding any pressure at all so I wouldn't have any little air bubbles which cause the final finish to be rough to the touch. 7) Spray the handles with the textured spray. WahLah...that's it! A brand new desk that you can walk by and be so proud of yourself for completing a project!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but you didn't say how you did it. Did you use black spray paint and sand it off? Your next project could be my bedroom furniture!!!

  2. Thank you so much Amy...plan to get started on my project this weekend, so you may be getting multiple phone calls from me!